Salvatore James: Artist/Sculptor

Salvatore James

(b.1981 - Salvatore James Gulino)

As I accumulate and live out a variety of roles – including educator, husband, and father – each one informs my work as an artist.  But the means by which I go about my way of work I began to obtain as a child.  Though I am a long time resident of Florida, as a native of New York I was very fortunate to be afforded many early life experiences Upstate in the Adirondack Mountains.  Those experiences have endured and since proven to be especially impactful.  My grandfather, adept at building and ever productive - whether it was general cabin upkeep or a project of some kind - allowed me to be with him, at his side, to learn and to participate.  He taught me how to properly handle and operate a range of tools.  I observed intently as he routinely improvised with what was available.  In everything he did he modeled a work ethic that seemed to draw from a source of supernatural strength and abundance.  I hope to be carrying on that legacy in the way I work to bring visual answers to a host of contemporary issues that beg to be questioned.